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Vanuatu Free Kustam Karnival

Sunday Kustam Karnival

Every Sunday, sit back, relax with drink in hand and listen to the very talented live band, DropVcull Groove, starting around 1pm, followed on sunset with the new traditional Banks Snake Dancers before the final entertainment of the day the hilarious Sunday Circus, a mix of aerial acrobatic, juggling and clown skits all rolled into something very rarely seen in Vanuatu,  altogether creating a Kustam Karnival, entertainment for the whole family and only at The Beach Bar!

The circus performers started in 2011 as a collaboration between The Beach Bar and Wan Smolbag Theatre (community theatre group). The Beach Bar was looking for some fiery Friday Night entertainment and the local youth wanted a place to show off their new fire dancing skills. A perfect match. Since then the fire show grew in popularity with the locals and tourists a like and is performed at least 8 times in different resorts around Port Vila. In 2013 the group wanted to try something different and circus seemed to be the natural progression.

However it wasn’t easy! With The Beach Bar as their only training space they were battling against the hot sun or tropical rain whilst trying to hang up-side down on a trapeze or practicing their club passing. But in late May 2013, we had a show and it’s gone from strength to strength. On the right day the back drop to this show is just stunning, a beautiful tropical island sunset. Now with the Banks Snake Dancers making their entrance,  mixed with contemporary circus acts and a twist of traditional Vanuatu it makes a perfect entertainment cocktail to end the weekend with.

Come support these very talented local youths and be entertained all afternoon only at The Beach Bar!


Every Sunday at sunset (around 5pm)



(All performers are hired by The Beach Bar and any kind donations go directly to them to fund further projects, training and new shows)

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